Which mineral water brands to buy?

Mining companies are pouring millions of dollars into developing their own mineral water products, with some of the biggest names such as Aquavita and Clorox jumping on the bandwagon.article Mining companies have been pouring millions into developing mineral water product development, with many of the largest names including Aquavitas and Clorbox jumping onto the bandwagon with aquavita.

The Canadian mining giant Cloroxy has been testing and refining water-soluble minerals, or WSLs, in its mines in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia and Alberta.

The company has been awarded a $5-million federal grant to study the mineral water in its operations in the U.S. and has committed to further develop its products.

According to a news release issued by the company, Cloroxic is working to develop water-resistant, high-efficiency mineral water for mining operations in its vast, shallow groundwater basins.

The U.K.-based company Clorochem, which was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters in Scotland, said in a news statement on Monday that it has also applied for an Australian grant for a WSL to produce water resistant mineral water.

It’s also exploring water-based alternative products, such as minerals from deep sea oil and gas, to treat wastewater for industry, the company said.

The Australian company Clorboxy said in an email that it’s looking into developing a WSM for use in the mining industry.

Aquavitas said it was exploring a W SL for mining.

Clorox said in the same statement that it is exploring WSL for use as an alternative to water and wastewater treatment.

The companies are not the only ones making splash in mineral water-producing industries.

A handful of companies have also begun to tap into the lucrative business of developing mineral waters.

Clorbox has also been testing water- and wastewater-resistant WSL products in mines in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

In a statement, the Canadian company said it’s been studying water-repellent mineral water and is in the process of developing a water-free WSL.

The Cloronus company, which is based in Switzerland, is testing its own mineral-based water for wastewater treatment in its WSL laboratories.

It’s been testing mineral water from a deep-sea oil and natural gas well in Western Canada.

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