Pompeii water cooler draws a crowd as visitors arrive to see ‘Pomme’ water cooler

The Pomme water cooler at the Ararat National Park in southern Italy has attracted an army of locals to come to the park for a day of watercooling.

The “water cooler” in the park has been the site of some of the largest and most ambitious water cooling competitions in the world, with over 1,000 participants from around the world competing to cool down a lake and the surrounding region.

But it is not just the competition that has attracted crowds.

There have been more than 2,000 visitors to the site since it opened in 2012, with the park itself expecting up to 2,500.

Ararat has an average annual rainfall of 4,800 millimetres, which means that any water that has not yet been pumped out is going to be sitting in the reservoir.

In addition to its coolers, the park also has an air conditioning system and a hot tub.

After seeing the water cooler and seeing what it is capable of, many visitors to Ararat say they are not disappointed.

“The atmosphere is perfect, it’s really a lovely experience.

You can have fun, you can go outside and see the water, and the whole village is there,” said Andrea, who did not want to give her last name.”

We’ve seen it for a few days now and we’re not disappointed.”

A resident of Parma, a town of 2,600 people in southern Sardinia, said that she was excited to see the park, saying that the atmosphere was “just incredible”.

“The water is just perfect, the whole thing is amazing,” said Maria, who does not want her surname used for her protection.

“It’s a great idea, I love the idea.”

I’ve never seen water cooler like this.

I can see the crowds and the people, and I’m so happy for this.

“Ararat is one of the world’s biggest water cooling venues, hosting events for thousands of people every year, including competitions such as the one in 2014 that saw more than 10,000 people come together to cool their own pools.

The Pomme is a water cooling competition for people aged between 18 and 80, which takes place every year at the Parma water cooling centre.

It is also the main attraction at the famous Aquatica beach in the town of Aqua di San Stefano, which hosts an annual competition that attracts crowds of hundreds of people, including locals.

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