What’s new in Nano Minerals

Nano Minerics, a new company that is developing new and innovative technologies for the mineral water industry, has raised a $2.4 million Series B round led by Silicon Valley investment firm Union Square Ventures.

Founder and CEO Adam Zagor is the son of a nuclear engineer who was working at Los Alamos National Laboratory when he was recruited by Los Alamo in 1972 to lead the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy.

Zagor and his family lived in California for a time.

At the time, the state had a thriving mining industry, but there was a shortage of the essential mineral water needed to extract the material, Zagorb said.

He was impressed with the work the company was doing in developing an alternative technology that uses a metal that he called “a nanocarrier” to isolate water and transport it to a tank where it can be used to extract minerals such as platinum.

The company’s first product, a mineral water extractor, is now being developed in partnership with an international company that can transport minerals from one area to another.

The company is also developing a product that uses water from the ocean, but can be stored for later use.

A company that specializes in building a large-scale prototype of a new technology in which the user is able to interact with an electronic device through a virtual keyboard and mouse.

The technology could help a number of industries, such as hospitals, power plants, and food processing.

The project, called Nautilus, has a number on its website that says it’s a collaboration between a startup and an investor that is looking to create an “industrial-scale” prototype.

“The Nautiluses technology can make water storage more economical and more convenient for customers, which could reduce costs and improve quality of life for millions of people,” the company says.

“The Nauts are also able to deliver an incredibly high level of quality in terms of durability and longevity, and to deliver water to a much wider audience, including consumers and the general public.”

The company says it expects to deliver its technology to water treatment plants by the end of 2019.

The technology, however, won’t be available to consumers for consumption for decades.

The Nautils goal is to provide a device that can be installed on homes and businesses to allow customers to make water more convenient and more cost-effective, by reducing water usage, lowering the amount of water needed for storage and transportation, and increasing the efficiency of water treatment.

In addition to the $2 million investment, Union Square also announced an additional $250,000 investment from investment firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.ZAGOR, who is the co-founder of the company, said the company is currently working on two products.

One will enable users to remotely access the device and control its operation, while the other will enable customers to monitor the status of their water treatment equipment.

Zagged has been working on the mineral waters technology for the past few years and was inspired to launch the company by the recent death of a friend.

“I was sitting in a bar in San Francisco and a friend died,” Zagors son said.

“It struck me as really odd that it was a man who was at work on this project who had died.

I knew his death would be a big deal.”

He said his father was working on a similar technology when he learned of his father’s death.

“My dad’s life was already in the spotlight, and I was going through some personal issues.

I was just thinking, this is what he would be doing,” he said.

Zagorgers family and other friends and colleagues supported his efforts to make his father and his work a reality.

“My dad had been working in the water industry for 20 years,” Zagson said.

He said his dad was passionate about technology, and the fact that he was a water engineer was one of the reasons he got interested in this.

The mineral water technology will be useful for the water treatment industry, and for other industries, Zagged said.

The use of water as a raw material for making things could increase productivity, reduce the amount people use, and increase the efficiency with which materials can be processed.

The product, which is still in the development stage, will be available in about five years, Zagsor said.

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