How much is all this water worth?

In an attempt to find out, the scientists examined the global market for water, which is worth around $4.6 trillion per year.

They found that as the world’s population grows and cities grow, demand for water will grow, and prices will go up.

Water is expensive, but if it were more abundant, it would cost less to supply people than it does now, according to the report. 

The study estimates that water will be worth $9.8 trillion in 2025, a 30% increase from the current value. 

According to the study, this increase in the value of water is driven by increases in consumption and in extraction and recycling. 

It also shows that water has become a commodity. 

For example, while the value and supply of water for humans and animals increased from $1.5 trillion in 2013 to $1 trillion in 2020, the value increased by only 0.5% for humans, 0.1% for animals, and 0.4% for plants. 

That’s a drop of roughly 50%. 

And it means that as more people use more water, they have to use more of it, increasing their consumption. 

This has two effects.

One is that it increases the demand for other commodities, such as minerals and energy, which in turn creates a trade imbalance between the global economy and the water economy. 

Secondly, this imbalance creates an incentive for governments to cut back on water. 

Water prices go up when people are able to extract more of the resource. 

A new study found that water is now the fourth most valuable commodity in the world, after oil, gold, and diamonds, and that people are increasingly using water to save energy and reduce environmental damage. 

And as more and more people conserve water, water becomes a cheaper commodity to buy, especially in countries like China where the water use is a major factor in energy consumption and emissions. 

China is also building more dams and reservoirs to supply water to the country. 

 It is not just China that has begun to invest in water.

A growing number of governments around the world are also taking on water and its importance.

The United States, for example, is building an estimated 830 megawatts of new water infrastructure. 

India, the world leader in water conservation, recently announced it is adding about 1,000 megawatts to its existing water infrastructure and has also begun to drill wells to tap more water.

And the United Nations has already set a target of 1,500 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2020. 

In a way, water is like a social contract that can be broken. 

Some governments, like Australia and the United Kingdom, have begun to regulate the use of water.

In those countries, the government controls the supply and use of the water.

It has the right to regulate water use, and it can also regulate the amount of water that is used. 

But some governments, especially the United States and China, do not have such strict laws and have begun using water as a commodity that they can manipulate and control. 

Many of these countries have used water to finance the construction of infrastructure like dams and irrigation canals, which they then sell to the private sector. 

However, many governments in other countries have taken the opposite approach. 

To learn more about the water issue, read: The water supply crisis in the US and the global water shortage, by The Washington Post. 

[The Washington Post]

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