How to avoid the ‘bad smell’ of algae in your garden

The smell of algae, a type of microscopic algae, can be a health hazard, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The EPA says the smell is the result of photosynthesis, a process that occurs in the cells of algae that make the chemicals used to create the algae’s life.

The smell can be irritating and can lead to a “bad taste” in people’s mouths, according the EPA.

But there are some simple tips for avoiding the stink and other chemicals, like using water-based filters, according a report in the journal Science.

“It’s actually very important that you use water-resistant, water-absorbing filters that you know will be water-tight, so you can flush it out of your tap when it’s no longer needed,” said study author Andrew Smead.

“You can also use anaerobic systems, which are not the best for algae, but are very good for water-soluble materials,” he said.

“But in general, these things don’t do a lot of harm.”

The chemicals produced by algae are known as phosphorous, sodium and chloride.

It is a good idea to use an aerator to help prevent the smell, according Smeal, as these chemicals are more readily absorbed in the body than other chemicals.

The study found that the smell can vary depending on how the plant is growing, the type of filter you use, the quality of the water, the temperature and humidity and whether it is a water-loving or water-retentive plant.

Topical treatment methods such as water treatment and water filters were effective at eliminating the smell.

The best method for avoiding it, according smead, was to use water filters that were designed to filter out the algae.

But even when the smell was eliminated, there were still other ways to keep it from getting worse.

“You could use a scrubber that’s very sensitive to the chemicals,” he added.

“And that’s something that you can get on the internet and buy, and that’s great, because it’s a lot cheaper than buying a machine.”

The study also found that using a water filter that is designed to trap the smell will also reduce the likelihood of the smell developing further.

The researchers also found the best way to eliminate the smell would be to grow a variety of plants, including herbs and vegetables, with the aim of finding the one that worked best for the smell to disappear.

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