How to make your home smell like mineral water

Mining companies are already using mining technology to extract gold and other precious metals.

But, according to a report by the New York Times, the technology is being applied to water in a way that could harm the environment and possibly even poison people.

The Times reports that the mining company Rio Tinto is using a technology called “zero mineralwater,” which essentially removes all minerals from the water.

The company claims that the technology “will reduce water pollution from the mining process, as well as help with environmental protection.”

The Times points out that “the water will be filtered to remove the mineral salts and other contaminants that may contribute to pollution from mining and wastewater treatment.”

The technology is not entirely new.

It’s been around for years, but it’s been used primarily in the United States.

For decades, miners have been using this technology to remove heavy metals from the underground.

For instance, the company Rio Texaco has been using a technique called “gold plating” to remove copper, lead, zinc and other metals from water.

However, this technology has been criticized for causing a variety of health problems.

According to the New Yorker, the process is known to be toxic to humans.

The process uses “fishing nets, water pipes, and a series of water filters to remove dissolved minerals from water,” the New Scientist reports.

The article notes that the process has also been blamed for causing severe water quality problems in many mining towns, and is also “generally considered to be unsafe.”

“There are no clear regulations governing the treatment of water in mining operations, which can pose health risks to workers and the environment,” the Times reported.

The technology could be used in a number of different ways.

For example, it could be applied to a water treatment plant or to other types of mining equipment.

The New York Post reports that “routinely, Rio Tins are used in the production of water for irrigation and water treatment plants.”

This process can remove the heavy metals such as zinc and copper from water, but also remove other contaminants such as heavy metals.

The paper adds that this process also removes “sulfur dioxide, a common carcinogen,” and “diseases from human or animal waste and industrial pollutants.”

There are several other ways the technology could harm water.

For one, the water could be treated by the mining industry.

For that matter, Rio is also one of the companies that has been involved in lawsuits against cities that have been regulating water quality in mining towns.

According the report, “Rio Tins and other water treatment equipment are often used in industries where drinking water is often treated as a commodity.”

It’s not clear what the legal repercussions of the technology are.

Rio Tinties have not yet responded to the Times’ report.

However the company did issue a statement saying that the water is treated “using an advanced process that eliminates heavy metals, harmful chemicals, and other pollutants.”

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