Chateldon’s mineral water may have been contaminated by radioactive iodine

The mining company that owned Chateldens mineral water in Australia has been ordered to pay $1.3 million to the government in a settlement over the contamination of its water.

The $3.4 million fine was paid by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) after the commission found that the water was contaminated with radioactivity in 2008.

In 2010, a panel of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) also found that Chatelens mineral waters were potentially dangerous to the environment.

It found that radioactive iodine was present in Chatelledens mineral drinking water.

But a 2013 report by the ANSTO concluded that Chates mineral water was safe.

It said there was no evidence that Chatelens mineral drink was contaminated by the radioactive iodine, which is not dangerous to health.

The mining firm, Chatelling, did not admit to any wrongdoing.

Chatellens mineral groundwater source Google Search (Australia) title ‘Wet dream’: ‘It’s a good sign’: Chatels mineral water is now safe article Australia’s water authorities are finally starting to realise the wet dream of the mineral water they once had.

A group of local and state government water regulators have agreed to pay for the removal of the contaminated water from the Chatelingts mineral water project.

It will come at a cost of $1 million.

Chatelening’s owner, Chatelendens, says the removal will not affect its water supply.

“It’s not going to affect the drinking water,” a spokeswoman for the company told the ABC.

But the decision comes at a time when the Chatelends company is facing a massive financial shortfall.

Chats chief executive Paul Chatel is looking for a buyer.

“Our water situation is very difficult,” he told the New South Wales Independent.

“I am concerned about what will happen to our water and our community’s water.

I am worried about the future of our drinking water and the future to the future.”

Chatelleres water source Chatel’s website says that it has a proven water supply that includes all water districts in NSW.

But it also has a water supply with a potential for contamination of the water.

In April, the water supply at the Chates water treatment plant was tested and found to be contaminated with radioactive iodine.

“The water sample was negative for radioactive iodine but positive for the isotope cesium-137, which has a long half-life of almost 14 years,” a spokesman for the state’s water regulator told the Guardian.

“This is the second time the water has been tested and tested positive for cesite-137.

We are confident that the sample is the cleanest water source in Australia and we are taking action.”

Chateleres mining site source ABC News (AU) title Mineral water contamination may have occurred at Chatellers mine site source Australian Labor Party (ALP) source ABC (AU).

article Australian Labor’s mining spokeswoman Kate Ellis told the National Press Club that the contamination was a “wet dream” and that the government must “step in and do something”.

“It would have been the most obvious thing to do to get this water removed,” she said.

“We know the mining company is owned by the Chinese company that owns Chatelettens, so it’s an enormous concern for the community.”

The Chinese company was not named in the settlement, but the AP reports that it is Chateelens Mineral Water.

In 2013, the ANSA said Chatelells mineral water supplies the state of NSW, including the Gold Coast.

The company is not currently owned by any Chinese company.

The government said the money would go towards “water quality upgrades”.

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