‘Till now, there was no water’

“We had never even heard of water.

It was just something that you had to buy in the market and there was a lot of it,” said K. Ramachandra, a resident of Moti Bagh, a village near Panchayati Raj in Uttar Pradesh’s Uttar Pradesh state.

But that changed recently with the construction of the Panchayanal Ghat, an ambitious water-related project.

“We are all farmers now, so we are using water from the Pankaja Ghat,” Ramachanda said.

“This is our main source of water, and we are going to continue to do so.”

Water from the Ghat is piped to a small pond outside the village and then filtered through a specially constructed membrane.

“The water is not pure.

It’s mixed with minerals like sand and pebbles.

When the water is filtered, it becomes a very fine powder.

It is also treated with minerals, like boron,” said Ramachandran.

It took Ramachandi, his wife, and their son and daughter-in-law two years to get their village registered with the Pana Jati Water Authority.

It takes a lot more time than the previous three years to register a community.

“It is hard to get a community registered,” Ramchandran said.

Panchairi Ghat village, a small village near Moti Bhag in Uttar, is one of the first communities to be registered with PanaJati.

The water is pipelined through a special membrane and then purified.


Kamal, a member of Pana jati, said it takes at least two years for a community to get registered.

Pankajapati Raj, a community near Pankaji, is also registered with a water ministry official.

“I am also not allowed to work,” said a member, adding that many villagers have lost their jobs due to the shortage of water and the construction work.

“Our water has been used for irrigation for more than three decades now.

We have to plant crops, so why do we have to use water?” said Manoj Kumar, a water-user from Pankai, a city about 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Panchai.

“There are no other water sources,” he said.

Ramchanda and other water users from the village said that for years, they have not been able to obtain water from wells in the area.

“Now, we have a well, but it is not enough,” Ramchal said.

They also complain that the authorities in Panchaly were not able to help them in getting water from their wells.

“Some water is already taken in by private contractors.

They are getting water for us from the reservoir and then we are paying for it ourselves,” Ramcha said.

Many other villagers in Pankadi said that they are not allowed by the government to plant any crops in their land due to their inability to obtain their water from any other source.

The Pankagadi area is part of the Kisanapuram region, which borders neighbouring Jammu and Kashmir.

Kisanam, a district of Jammu, is known for its agricultural land and also for the Pashtun population, which lives in the adjoining Panchal area.

According to a report in The Hindu, the government is working to increase the number of water-users in the Kishanganj region of Panchalinga by 15 percent in the next five years.

“People in Kisanagar are living in poverty, they are in dire need of water,” a water user from Pano Jati said.

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