How Australia’s deep water reserves could save us from drought

As a country, Australia is a major producer of water, but it also imports vast amounts of water from around the world.

As a result, we have an enormous water shortfall.

To tackle this, we need to get more water out of the ground, but how?

One way is to tap into the water resources of the Earth’s crust, and this is the work of the Australian Geophysical Research Institute (AGRI), which is the country’s foremost geophysical research institution.

The institute’s research has led to a number of breakthroughs in the field of water storage and desalination, including one that could potentially solve Australia’s water crisis.

The Australian Geographical Survey (AGS) is a regional government agency.

Its work is based in Perth, and its work focuses on the study of the geological, climatic and physical processes that shape Australia’s landscape.

The agency’s director, John Hall, has been the principal geologist at the AGS for more than 40 years, and he is also the head of the Geosciences Institute at the University of Adelaide.

The geoscience and geophysics research of the AGI is a unique scientific discipline that combines geophones, computer modelling, and the most sophisticated scientific equipment in the world to study the Earth, its processes and its people.

It is an endeavour that is part of the scientific legacy of the Royal Geographical Society, and it is a very significant scientific endeavour.

Geoscientists have known for years that there was a finite amount of water in the Earth.

The current theory is that the Earth has a finite supply of water that can only be replenished by evaporation.

When the Earth goes into the poles, water levels plummet, so the water in our oceans, which form the basis of our oceans’ health, becomes a limited resource.

This is what we see in the ocean.

The earth’s crust is made up of the minerals in which the water is composed.

These minerals are mostly rocks, but some have been mined out and are called ‘magma-bearing’ rocks.

Magma-containing rocks contain water, and when the water becomes trapped in them, it forms a crust.

As the water inside the crust becomes trapped, it is compressed and it forms ice.

In some places on the Earth this ice is very large.

As water gets trapped inside the ice, it also gets squeezed out of its surroundings, causing it to freeze.

This process, known as a glacial discharge, causes the ice to form in the ice caps, and as it freezes, the water gets more concentrated in those areas.

When this happens, the resulting layer is called a ‘water table’.

The amount of liquid water in a water table varies over time, depending on the thickness of the ice.

When there is a greater concentration of water there, there is more liquid water to be absorbed, and if the ice is thinner, there are fewer dissolved minerals.

The water table is the key factor that determines whether a lake, reservoir or stream can support a life.

But if there is too little water, the lake, or reservoir or river, will eventually dry up.

And the loss of water can have profound consequences for the climate.

The extent of the Antarctic ice sheet is shrinking because the Antarctic sea ice is growing.

As these ice sheets melt, water is stored in the water table, and once the water has gone, it can’t be replenish.

This has the effect of pushing the water level back up.

The rate of ice retreat has been increasing at a rapid rate, and now scientists are worried about how this could affect the world’s oceans.

The ice sheets are a major source of fresh water for the oceans, and they have a lot of water stored in them.

The Antarctic ice is losing an incredible amount of ice.

The melting of the Ice Sheet could cause the Antarctic Ice Cap to lose more than 80 per cent of its volume, which would be catastrophic.

The loss of the sea ice means that sea levels are rising, and these rising sea levels will increase the pressure on the land-based ocean.

So the Antarctic is getting warmer, and sea levels in the South Pacific are rising.

This would increase the risk of flooding in the Indian Ocean and the Great Barrier Reef, and also affect the coastal areas of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

The biggest challenge facing the country is water conservation.

The AGS is working on technologies that could reduce the amount of runoff from the land, and improve the efficiency of water reuse.

The first technology to be developed is the ‘seam’ technology.

It uses a process called a hydraulic spray to capture water from a stream or river and store it in a special device.

This device has two pipes that flow from the river through a special valve, and a tube that is inserted into the stream to collect the water.

When rain falls on the pipe, water collects at the top of the pipe and flows back down the tube.

The process is

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