What is the difference between Veritas and Veritas Pro?

On a recent visit to the mineral water bottling plant in the western Brazilian state of Para, I came across two brands, Veritas Mineral Water and Verita Pro, with identical labels.

The only difference is that Veritas uses purete minerals, while Veritas’ Pro uses a mixture of mineral water and water with vitamins and minerals.

The difference is the name, said Luisa de Oliveira, a senior mineral water analyst with the company.

Veritas mineral waters are known for their high quality, and it’s not unusual for consumers to find a brand that is made with pure minerals, she said.

Verita, on the other hand, uses additives and additives that can affect the taste of the mineral, which can be harmful to consumers, de Oliveiras told Reuters Health.

The two brands were both created by a Brazilian company, Verita Minerals, which has been in business since 1999.

For years, the Brazilian mineral water industry has been plagued by environmental and health problems.

Since Brazil began regulating the mineral industry in 2010, companies have faced increased scrutiny over their use of chemicals and pollutants, including arsenic and other heavy metals.

In February, the state of Mato Grosso do Sul announced a ban on the sale of the brands Veritas, Veritas and Veritamil.

But the government of the state, which is one of the country’s largest producers of the minerals, has since allowed the sale and sale of mineral waters with the same names, which includes Veritas.

Mining industry regulator Brazil Minerals has since announced that the companies will now be able to continue to sell their products, even if the state has announced a moratorium.

The move came after an investigation by the countrys mineral and petroleum company Petrobras revealed that the company used the same mineral water for some of its mineral water bottles.

The Petrobrals company is one the largest producers in the world, and its mineral waters have been the subject of several health concerns, including the use of heavy metals, according to Reuters Health, which reported the investigation in June.

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