When you drink the ocean’s mystery mineral water: An

from The Associated Press article An oceanic phenomenon known as a mineral water effect occurs when mineralized seawater absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet light and releases carbon dioxide.

The gas is then oxidized and the water becomes a water with a mineralized flavor.

But the phenomenon has a surprising origin.

It is a consequence of an imbalance in the water molecules of some marine animals, researchers report in the journal Nature Communications.

Scientists at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and the University at Albany in New York used an isotope of calcium that can be used to detect carbon-based minerals in ocean water.

Carbon-based mineral water is the same type of water found in seawater, which is why it can also be detected in the atmosphere.

But there are some differences in the way the ocean uses the calcium, according to the research.

The ocean uses carbon-carbon compounds from the soil to make calcium carbonate, which can be broken down to make other mineral-based compounds.

So a certain amount of the carbonate molecules in the ocean get converted to calcium carbonates.

Scientists have found that oceanic carbon dioxide is mostly made up of carbonate and that the amount of carbonates in the air and the ocean are related to the ratio of carbon-oxygen isotopes in the sea.

That is the key to how oceanic ocean water behaves, the researchers said.

When it comes to how much carbon dioxide the ocean absorbs and releases, scientists don’t know.

They also don’t really know how much the ocean can absorb.

The researchers used a new technique to measure the oceanic CO2 in the upper ocean, known as the OMS-II satellite.

That data was collected in 2014 and 2015.

The satellite measures how much CO2 the ocean is absorbing and releasing at the same time, and the results were released last year.

The data shows that the ocean ocean is capturing a large portion of CO2.

Scientists believe the ocean should be absorbing about 50 percent of CO 2 emitted by the atmosphere, according the researchers.

This results in a net increase in oceanic acidification, which the researchers describe as a more acidic ocean.

The oceans acidification could affect plants, marine animals and even human health, the research said.

The scientists analyzed the data and found that the carbonates are concentrated in a certain part of the ocean, called the ocean uppermost.

The amount of CO-2 in this layer is about 10 times greater than the amount in the lower ocean, which they say makes it a likely source of the mineral water phenomenon.

Carbon dioxide is made up mostly of carbon dioxide, but some other chemicals are also produced, which have been linked to ocean acidification.

These chemicals are called organic carbon compounds.

The chemicals are not made by plants, and some are even toxic.

But scientists are beginning to understand that there is another chemical involved.

Carbon compounds are created when organic compounds are broken down into smaller parts and are carried by the water, said Richard Durnin, an oceanographer and researcher at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Carbon molecules, or compounds, can interact with each other and become stable.

But a compound’s ability to interact with a particular molecule depends on its specific size, or the ability to move from one molecule to another.

When one of the larger molecules is moving, the smaller molecule is pulled along.

When the smaller one is moving toward a larger one, the larger one is pulled back.

These movements are called “fluxes.”

The researchers found that in the mid-ocean ridge, there are bubbles of CO+ molecules that are being pulled toward the smaller molecules, which are pulling them back toward the larger ones.

But as the CO+ and the smaller CO molecules move toward each other, the bubbles are not moving toward the large molecules, Durnine said.

These bubbles of carbon molecules can create a kind of “puddle” that can absorb some of the CO2 that is being released by the ocean and release it back into the atmosphere through the pores.

That could be what is causing ocean acidifying, according Durnines research.

Durnina said the oceans acidifying could be caused by another process called “feedback.”

When a compound is released from an animal that has been eating a specific food, it has a negative feedback effect on the animal, said Durnini.

The feedback is a process that involves a chemical called an alkali metal, which forms a positive feedback on the chemical.

This positive feedback causes the organism to consume more of the compound, increasing the amount it can produce.

But when the same compound is absorbed by an organism that has never eaten that particular food, the alkali metals are being lost and the compound becomes toxic.

Darnini said the research team did not have the data to prove this hypothesis.

He said that it may be the case that the oceans are just not absorbing enough of the water and the oceans could

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