What you need to know about the oil and gas boom in the Arctic

It’s not clear exactly how much oil and natural gas are under development in the Bering Sea, but a new survey suggests the amount is large.

The Arctic has seen an explosion in activity in recent years, and the recent boom has brought a new level of attention to the region.

The Bering Strait is a crucial shipping route for the shipping industry in the region, and has a high concentration of oil and other hydrocarbons.

The region also provides access to deep water where Arctic drilling can be done.

The U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has been monitoring the region since 2014.

According to the report released Wednesday, “significant and sustained activity” is taking place along the Bered Strait.

But this is the first survey that looked at the extent of oil exploration, development, and development.

“We know the BERES is a huge, active region, but we haven’t had a lot of time to analyze it,” said Mark Danko, an Arctic geoscientist with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

“The Arctic has been a hotbed of activity for the last 20 years, but until now, we’ve had little data to draw conclusions.”

The BERERES survey, conducted by scientists at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, and other universities, is based on data from a global survey called the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Arctic Energy Platform.

The IEA data is based upon surveys that are conducted by the governments of the Arctic nations, including Russia and Canada.

The oil and oil-related industries have been in the spotlight recently for the dramatic decline in oil prices in recent months.

But the decline has been less dramatic than many analysts have predicted.

The average price of crude oil in the U.K. fell by more than a third over the past year, from $109 per barrel in October 2014 to $53.34 a barrel in August 2017.

The decline was partly attributed to a drop in production from the North Sea, the U, and Norway, but also because of a collapse in the prices of other commodities.

The report found that while the U., Norway, and Russia have all seen dramatic declines in production since the beginning of the year, the IEA has reported a steady increase in production in the last six months.

The study found that production in Canada and Russia has increased more than 20 percent, while the rest of the world has seen a reduction of about 6 percent.

“There are lots of reasons for the price drop,” Danki said.

“In the short term, it’s the impact of the sanctions on energy exports.

In the long term, the sanctions will make it difficult to drill.

We’ve seen that before, and there’s also a decrease in demand.”

One reason for the increase in U.M. oil production is that the U and Russia are developing new platforms.

“Russia is building two new platforms and is preparing to begin drilling in the next few months,” Dainius said.

The platforms will help to increase the amount of oil that can be produced from the BRE.

However, “the U.A.E. is already drilling, so that won’t be a factor in the long run,” Danks said.

While the IAE’s survey is based largely on the Ieas’ survey, the new report indicates that some companies are actually expanding drilling in BERERS.

The company that’s been drilling in that area, Kukutuz, has increased production by 50 percent, and it’s now working with ExxonMobil to begin developing new rigs in the area.

“It’s not as if we’re building rigs on the BERS, but there are still rigs on it,” Dansko said.

As the study notes, “many of these companies have previously used BEREST and BERET as indicators of where to drill.”

The companies that are drilling in this area are also diversifying their production.

“As the IEAS and the UAE are looking at the potential of BERESS, and as the oil price has declined, we are seeing the potential to diversify our production in BERS,” DANKO said.

In addition to oil and energy, the Berenstain Group, a Norwegian exploration and production company, has been expanding drilling and exploration activities in the Beaufort Sea and Chukchi Sea.

The Beaufort, Chukchis, and Berensts are the three main oil and mining areas in the Chukka Peninsula.

In 2017, the Chokkas oil industry produced 8,000 barrels of oil per day, the highest level in 20 years.

The Chukkas also produced 9,000,000 bpd of gas in 2016, according to IEA estimates.

It’s unclear exactly how many people have been working in the oil-rich Beaufort.

Dankos said the company is currently not hiring anyone, and that “there’s a lot going

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