How to save the world from the worst global warming ever

The world is on track for a third straight year of record-breaking warming.

The global average temperature has risen by 0.2°C since the start of the century.

It is expected to rise another 0.6°C in 2017, and by 1.5°C by 2060.

The world’s oceans are becoming more acidic, and there are signs of an even larger warming of the Arctic Ocean.

But there is one area where we can start to save, and that is the ocean.

The world’s ocean, however, is the worst offender.

The oceans absorb all the carbon dioxide that humans emit into the atmosphere.

The ocean absorbs all of it, and is responsible for more than 70% of global CO2 emissions.

To keep warming to 2°C, humans need to release a certain amount of carbon dioxide.

If we don’t do that, the oceans will eventually become acidic enough that they’ll sink and make the world uninhabitable.

The problem with releasing carbon dioxide is that it releases CO2 into the ocean, which we have to clean up.

So, releasing carbon is going to cause more carbon to build up in the oceans, which means more acidification.

The acidification that will result will be even worse than the one we are already seeing.

That’s why we need to start releasing CO2 immediately, and make it happen in the right way.

How to stop CO2 from accumulating in the ocean In the 1990s, we knew we needed to start making more CO2.

Scientists realized that carbon dioxide released into the air was a byproduct of the chemical reactions that took place in the Earth’s core.

This process took place because the Earth had a crust of rock and ice.

The crust is made up of a combination of molten rock and water.

It forms when these rocks and ice are heated, and the hot rock is forced apart, creating a thin layer of liquid.

The heat in the crust causes the water to expand, causing it to expand.

Eventually, the crust becomes very thick and the water evaporates from the surface.

As the water vapor evaporates, the hot rocks and the ice form the crust.

This crust is what makes up the oceans.

If the oceans were to begin to expand too much, the water could expand too far, and eventually the oceans would start to boil.

In order to keep the ocean from boiling, we need a method of releasing CO3 into the oceans that doesn’t increase the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by a lot.

There are three ways to do this.

The first is to pump CO2 out of the ocean by pumping water.

This method is already in use in the world’s waters, where it’s called CO2 capture.

Water is pumped from deep, where CO2 is being released from the ocean into the water, to the surface, where the CO2 will condense.

Another way to do it is to bury the CO3 underground.

This is a different technique, but it can be done in a way that allows the CO1 to condense underground and then be released into space.

Another method to release CO3 is to use satellites to measure ocean temperatures.

The satellites measure temperature changes in the water as it moves through the atmosphere, and they then measure how fast the temperature changes.

As temperature changes change, the ocean becomes more acidic and the oceans sink, which increases the amount and concentration of CO3.

A third way to get rid of COII is to drill a hole in the earth and release it into the deep ocean.

This can happen with a number of methods, but the most successful method is to inject the COOL2 from the CO 2 capture process into the surface of the earth, in a small area, and then wait for the ocean to warm enough to allow CO2 to condume and sink.

This way, CO2 that was trapped underground can start seeping back into the Earth.

If it starts seeping into the soil, it will eventually release CO2, and this will eventually trigger the ocean’s acidification process.

This last method is also in use.

The process of drilling a hole is called geoengineering, and it uses geoengineering to create artificial islands in the middle of the oceans to allow the CO+2 to escape into the deeper ocean.

The technology is still in the early stages of development, but if geoengineering is implemented, we will likely see a lot more CO 2 in the deep oceans than we’ve seen in the past, and perhaps even exceed the amount that the oceans are currently absorbing.

How much more CO₂?

The world is going through a major CO2 feedback cycle.

In the 1990’s, we had two big problems.

First, we were getting more and more CO² out of our atmosphere.

We also were losing our ability to capture COℂ, and so the oceans got more acidic. Second,

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