Water is ‘coming out of the ground’ at a Calgary mine that produces ‘mineral water’

Calgary’s oil and gas industry has been quietly working on a controversial plan to bring water back to the surface.

The Alberta Resource Management Authority says the $2.7-billion Copper Mine at the Calgary River, which is also known as the Copper Dome, is part of a wider plan to “reclaim” surface water by creating a “fresh water network.”

“Copper is an important source of water in the basin, but this is a much broader approach to re-establish and re-create water and that is the focus of the Copper Project,” says Gary Leblanc, CEO of the ADMA.

Copper mine officials say the Copper project is part the same process as the copper mine in Fort McMurray.

It involves injecting water from the surface into a reservoir and using that water to irrigate crops in the valley.

“The Copper Project is the same concept that is being discussed here, and we are really excited about the Copper Program,” says Doug Horsley, a spokesman for the project.

The Copper project will bring back water to the Copper mine, and will be operational by 2019.

Coppers chief executive officer Doug Hulsman says the Copper Mine will bring fresh water back into the region by using water from above and below the surface.

“We want to be very clear about this: we are not trying to bring back some kind of artificial water flow.

This is about restoring a healthy and functioning water supply, and that means a fresh water network,” Hulsmen says.”

We are doing this in the same way we have done it for years in the Copper Basin, in the Red River Basin and in the Rocky Mountain Basin.”

The ADMA says the plan is designed to improve the water supply to Alberta’s cities and industries.

“This will be a major part of the future water management for Calgary and the entire province, as we develop and manage water resources,” says Lebluc.

The ADME is also trying to get the public involved in the decision making process, with a website designed to answer questions about how water will be returned to the environment.

The plan includes a plan to have a small community group meet in June to discuss the plan.

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