The New York Times Magazine’s Best and Worst of the 2017 Fall 2018 Issue Entertainment Weekly cover story “We Need To Stop Talking About Her” by Samir Khan Entertainment Weekly

“What’s the deal with that picture of a cat?

She’s wearing a pink sweater and a white tank top, and she’s smiling, but she looks like she’s just been hit by a bus.”

―J.K. Rowling, on how she created a female character for the Harry Potter books to be “feminist” and “proud” of “We need to stop talking about her” by Jack O’Neill (Illustration by Jacko Fernandez)J. K. Rowling has an idea for how to create a female protagonist in the Harry Potters books.

The author and creator of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child shared her thoughts on the topic during a panel at the 2016 Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago.

While she was speaking, a fan in the audience started asking questions about the idea of the character, Harry Potter, wearing a white shirt and black pants.

Rowling replied, “What I’m going to do with her is make her into a woman.

I don’t know what she is going to be, but I’m thinking she’s going to wear a pink sweatshirt and a blue sweater and maybe a white T-shirt.”

After a moment of silence, Rowling said, “You can bet I’m not going to make a pink pantywaist.”

The discussion quickly turned to why Rowling created a character in Harry Potter that wore a white sweater and blue pants.

After some back and forth, Rowling answered that she wanted the character to look like a person, rather than a toy.

“I’m not making a girl, I’m making a woman,” Rowling said.

“A character who looks like you.”

During the panel, Rowling also spoke about the controversy surrounding the movie adaptations of Harry and the Order of the Phoenix and Harry Potter & the Cursed Bones, which both were directed by James Cameron.

Rowling said that the Harry films are being criticized because they are “very misogynistic.”

“If you’ve seen the films you know that they are very misogynistic, they are incredibly misogynistic,” Rowling continued.

“They’re a film that, while it is funny and charming, there is something that is extremely sexist about them.”

Rowling said she is not interested in making a sequel to the Harry books.

She also said that she did not think it was necessary to release the first film after the release of the second.

“We made the decision, when we were making Harry Potter series, to release it, and we’re happy that people enjoyed it, but that’s about it,” Rowling told Entertainment Weekly.

“It’s really up to people to decide what they like and don’t like, and I’m really glad people are enjoying them.”

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