Why we should be worried about ararat mineral free water

FourFourThree News understands a Queensland water company has issued an advisory warning of potential health impacts from drinking water laced with a highly toxic chemical.

Key points:The Ararat River has been declared a national marine reserveWater samples were taken from the Ararat Water Management Area (AWMA) and other sites in the Ararai region last week, and tested for arsenic, lead and other contaminantsThe water was bottled and tested by the State Health DepartmentThe health of residents was not affected, but the WA Department of Health has issued a warning to consumers of arsenic and lead poisoningThe WA Department says there has been no public health concerns related to the water at this stageThe arsenic and heavy metals were found in samples taken from Ararat water management area, and tests showed high levels of arsenic, high levels, and lead.

It is not known how many people in the area are drinking the water, or how much arsenic and other heavy metals it contains.

However, the water was packaged and tested on Wednesday by the WA Health Department and found to contain the chemicals arsenic, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals.

In an email to FourFour Two, the WA State Health department said:”At this stage, we do not believe that any health risks are posed by drinking the Aratar water.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Environment and Water said the department was not aware of any health impacts associated with the water.

The WA department said the arsenic and the heavy metals are not currently in any national or international health databases.

It said the WA Government was “considering all possible options” to mitigate the risk.

“As part of our ongoing public health monitoring and analysis of the Araria Waters, we have also collected samples of water from Ararau and are awaiting the results of those tests,” the department said.

The department also said it had no information about the extent of the health impact.

“We do not know the extent or impact of the contaminants in the water or the health impacts that may be associated with consumption of the water,” the spokesperson said.

“It is important to note that we do have information on the arsenic levels in the river, and the lead levels in samples from Araria.”

Ararat is a waterway along the Arara River that runs from the small city of Perth to the Arrauli Gorge.

The water is popularly known as Ararat’s “fresh water”.

The water has a reputation for being highly alkaline and acidic.

The area is known for being one of the most polluted water systems in Australia.

It’s not known if the arsenic or other heavy metal has caused any harm to anyone.


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