Saskia Mineral Water in Canada’s Upper Interior is the ‘most polluted’ on record

In Canada’s Lower Interior, where the country is currently experiencing the worst droughts in a century, a small town called Roseville sits on top of a vast oil and gas field, surrounded by tall pines and scrub brush.

Its residents have lived through decades of pollution that has forced some to abandon their homes.

The town is one of a few in Saskatchewan that was once part of the oil and natural gas sector, and its residents say the town has never been polluted by the industry.

They’re not alone in their concerns.

In a report published last month, the environmental group Friends of the Earth found that the province’s oil and oil-producing industries have dumped more than 5.5 million tonnes of the mineral water in the past 50 years, a figure that has more than doubled in the last 20 years.

While there are some who say that’s not the kind of pollution they’re worried about, they’re not the only ones who are concerned.

Saskatchewan’s oil industry has become the most polluted in Canada.

(CBC) The town’s population of 3,000 people is about 10 per cent Native, and it’s a remote location with little commercial activity.

Its population has shrunk to about 400 people in the years since it switched over from the oil industry, and the town is no longer even able to survive on its own.

“It’s a really sad situation,” said Paul MacKinnon, who’s been a resident for 20 years and has lived in the town for almost two decades.

“It’s really sad, it’s really bad.”

“We have a problem, but we don’t have any control over it.”

MacKinnon’s home is just outside the town, just west of the small village of Roseville, Saskatchewan.

Roseville is located in the Upper Interior of the province, which is the only part of Saskatchewan that has a federal reserve, which means that the oil-industry industries in the area have to adhere to strict environmental standards, which include not polluting groundwater.

That’s why MacKonen’s concerns about the oil sector are so high.

There are three major oil-related pipelines that run from the town to the Alberta oil fields, all of which run on reserves.

They all pass through the town and directly into the town’s groundwater.

MacKinen has concerns about a few of them.

He said the Roseville pipeline was constructed at a time when the town was already suffering from droughty conditions, so the pipeline’s construction may have been the cause of the water contamination.

He said there are two large pipes in the pipeline system that are the only sources of drinking water for the town.

The town is currently under construction to extend its drinking water supply, which will provide drinking water to as many as 5,000 residents.

At the time of the Rosewood pipeline’s completion, the town relied on a private water source for drinking water, but after it was shut down in 2012, the company was allowed to keep that source open.

MacKinins water is a local water source that is only accessible to residents who live in the village.

Despite being in the oilpatch, MacKins water supplies are not clean, and are also contaminated.

In the 1970s, MacKinins residents were told by a company official that they could stop using their water supply because it was safe to drink, but the company then turned around and installed the pipe.

This is not the first time MacKinns water has been polluted.

In the 1970, he says, he used his water supply to water the lawn of his house.

And in 2012 he says he used the same water source to water his car when he was cleaning the garage, but that the company didn’t give him enough time to do it properly.

Since MacKinemans water supply was shut off in 2012 due to the oil spill, MacKillings water supply has also been contaminated.

In 2012, MacKarins water supply came under heavy scrutiny, as the town had been experiencing a severe drought for a number of years.

As the water was flowing through MacKillers pipes, Mackarins water began to get contaminated with oil.

When he found out about it, MacKitens water supply started to suffer.

He says the water came out of his water tank and came into contact with a small section of the pipes.

He claims the water is still tainted and he’s worried about it.

One day last year, MacKatins water tank began to spill.

MacKillins Water has not responded to CBC’s request for comment.

But, after a number months of waiting, MacKayes water was finally released from the pipes, according to MacKinnins family.

He contacted the Alberta Oil Sands Association to complain about the contamination and they said that MacKina’s water is safe to use.

He is currently appealing that

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